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“We’ve designed BizBaby with such flexibility in mind, that it’s like shoes you buy for your baby when it’s just 6 month old that will be perfect even when your baby grows into a 6 feet tall adult. It’s great for single person operators and its great when business grows past 100+ employees and $100M in revenue.”

Founder Rant

“I’m not gonna say that we have the best or the state of the art technology. You don’t need that. What we have is a technology that is tailored to you, it works great, it’s dependable, adoptable, easily upgradable and it doesn’t break your bank. And I promise you it will only get better over time.”

Sergey P.

Founder and CEO

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Offer 2 Customer Journeys

Don’t be boxed into a limited framework. Have flexible ways of working with your customers.


Custom Jobs

Accept Requests

Receive requests either from a job request form on your website or have your phone receptionist place one for your customer.

Create Winning Quotes

Send professional email or text message quotes, let customers review and approve within minutes. Have automated follow-ups to stay on top of it.

Complete the Job

Assign one or more workers to a job, provide them with the detailed checklist, maintain the same quality standard with every customer every time.

Send Invoices

Issue invoices on the job completion. Set payment terms and due dates. Send automated follow-ups on invoices that are past due.

Get paid

Have customers process a payment using credit/debit card or us bank account.


Service Appointments

Service appointment is placed

Customer places an appointment for pre-configured services for a specific date and time. They can see the order total and receive an email confirmation.

Perform the Service

Dispatch your workers to a customers home address to perform the service on the specified time and day. Send customers an email notification of the completion if needed.

Get paid

Process the payment with the customers credit card on file. No need for invoices or approvals. Customers consent during the order placement process.

“I can finally focus on scaling the business”

Before BizBaby we were doing everything manually. Google Sheets and physical paper reports. Now we have capacity to onboard more customers while efficiently managing our workers.

David Callen

Seattle Modern Landscaping

“BizBaby makes it easy to connect with customers”

Growing a business beyond 2 trucks was impossible without proper scheduling software. But what was game changer is a call center to provide an excellent customer service, this is where BizBaby stands out from the rest.

John O’Brien

Occo Auto

“Getting paid is million times easier now”

BizBaby allowed us to get paid much faster than before. “Service Order” model works great, i don’t have to send any invoices and wait to get paid, sometimes for weeks. Now we can charge customers for home cleaning, the day of the appointment.

Yessenia Mendez

Breez Cleaning

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