Frequently asked questions
First 3 months it’s completely free. After that, it goes according to our pricing page.
Almost instantly. As you soon as you pick a phone number and email address name, you can start working right away.
Can i port my own phone number to Cockpit.
Yes. However that process may take upto 4 weeks. Meanwhile, you can forward all phone calls to your BizBaby phone number and start handling them from the system right away.
What if i decide to leave BizBaby, can i take my phone number with me?
Absolutely! You own your phone number, if you keep paying balance in time. You can port out your BizBaby phone number to your new carrier. It may take upto 4 weeks as well. Meanwhile, you can forward all BizBaby calls and start handling them from your new carrier right away.
Can i use my own business email address instead of email?
Yes. You will need to have an access to DNS settings in order to create DNS records so that all emails will be directed to our service. Once that done, you can use your business email address in our Cockpit call center. Please reach out to us to get started with that process.
What can i use Cockpit system for?
Many different businesses use BizBaby Cockpit Call Center. Starting from sales department, recruiting department, to technical support teams and regular mom and pop shops. You can have many departments in one BizBaby account and manage them efficiently all in one place.
Why do i have to click button “done”, in order for a message to be read?
Here at BizBaby we want to make sure that no call or message goes unnoticed. We realized that you can read a message and get distracted by something else. So we implemented “Double Tap” system, where you can read it and mark it completed, to make sure it’s definitely completed and done.
Can i use it on my phone?
Yes. It’s a fully smartphone compatible system. Emails, texts and calls.
Do i need a special microphone or headset?
No. You can use regular built in microphone and speaker, however, connecting a special noise canceling headset designed for call centers is gonna give you a much better quality of voice and sound.
Can i use my own greeting in Cockpit, for handling calls?
Yes. Cockpit was designed around giving you freedom on making your call handling as professional as possible while keeping it very simple to use.
Can i forward calls to another representative?
Not yet. We are working on enabling that functionality and will soon add it to your account.
Can i use Cockpit for mass marketing purposes?
Unfortunately not. You can’t send the same email or text to more than 30 recipients, your account will hit a limit and will not allow to process anymore. Please use different type of service to do mass marketing campaigns.
Is it really free for the first 3 months?
Yes, it is. We can’t believe it ourselves!
How will i be charged after the first 3 months are over?
You will get a flat monthly bill for the access that is processed on your billing date and usage bill for every $50. Every time you cross the $50 usage threshold, your payment method stored on file will be charged for $50.
How is my usage calculated?

Every incoming and outgoing call per minute.

Every incoming voicemail recording per minute.

Every outgoing and incoming sms message, messages are split into single sms parts according to their size and charged accordingly, for example, 6 message long sms will be charged as 6 sms messages.

Outgoing emails.

All communications are charged according to your subscription level. When you accumulated over $50 of usage, your payment method is charged for the total.

Will i get billed for the incoming blocked calls and texts?
Only for the incoming text messages. Unfortunately there is no way to tell where the message is coming from until it’s fully received. However it’s a different case with the calls. So blocked calls will not be charged for.
How can i avoid spam or unwanted calls?
You can block specific numbers and emails from sending you calls and messages and they will automatically be marked as spam. Overtime, our spam detect system will automatically detect spam calls without you marking them.
Yes! If you start spamming people, sending them unwanted messages and making cold promotional or telemarketing calls, your phone may be also labeled as spam.
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