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BizBaby is a software provider for home service type of businesses. Designed and created by a group of business owners who couldn't find a good enough solution for their own operations. BizBaby is made to replace dozen of business tools, from customer management, to communication software over the email, text, call to processing payments, creating invoices, quotes, managing feel of vehicles and so much more.
BizBaby is designed for home service type of businesses, such as: landscaping, home cleaning, HVAC, general contracting, pest control, tree care, and so much more. If you are providing a service, BizBaby is made for you.
We've designed BizBaby to be as intuitive as possible. We've also added some training steps inside the account once you signup, to guide you. However, as any software that allows you to accomplish so much, you might have some questions and we are here to answer them. Give us a call at 888 - 704 - 0666 or send us a message here:
Currently we are only available in the US. However, we are working to offer it to other countries soon.
Absolutely not! BizBaby works with no string attached. You can try it for 3 months for free, or cancel it anytime. Our monthly plans work month by month basis and will not renew if you cancel your membership. Keep in mind that once month is paid for, there are no refunds.
When initial 3 months period is over, your account will automatically process a payment for the first month. If your card is declined, you will receive a notification and you won't be able to use your account until payment is processed. However, don't worry, your information won't be affected or erased. As soon as the payment is processed, you can continue using BizBaby. Please make sure to add a payment method to your account before first 3 months are over.
Yes. You can change it at any time in settings page, on the tab "Billing and Plan". If you decide to downgrade or upgrade your plan, changes will take place immediately. When you change Payment Information, it will be automatically used when it's time to process payment for the next month cycle.
Rest assured that your billing and payment information is safe with us. We don't store it on our server, instead we use third party third party service (Stripe) that is certified to store sensitive personal information such as credit card and banking information. Stripe has direct relationship with most banks. When your credit card is expired and needs a renewal, your bank will provide an updated expiration date so that you don't have to worry about manually updating it yourself.
We've designed plans to have a specific number of workers active in each plan. However that is not a hard limit, you can always add more, for $25 per worker above the plan limit. To review those numbers, check our pricing page.
Absolutely! You can import customer data using CSV file. We are also integrated with Quickbooks, so you can synchronize customers information with what you have in Quickbooks. To do that, go to Settings page and then select "other" tab.
BizBaby allows you to give different permissions to different users/workers. You can give them access to just Call & Message Center, allow them to work with schedule, payroll, or perhaps it's a manager type of account that can be allowed to have access to the entire account, same as you. We designed permissions with the most flexibility in mind.
For those that have never used any software to run a business, and only used paper documents and spread sheets, we can easilt say "it's a game changer". For those that use different CRM and other tools to operate a business, it's a "breath of a fresh air". The ease of running your business and all-in-one architecture is something that you make you never wanna go back to the old ways.
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Almost instantly. As you soon as you pick a phone number and email address name, you can start working right away.
Yes. However that process may take upto 4 weeks. Meanwhile, you can forward all phone calls to your BizBaby phone number and start handling them from the system right away.
Absolutely! You own your phone number, if you keep paying balance in time. You can port out your BizBaby phone number to your new carrier. It may take upto 4 weeks as well. Meanwhile, you can forward all BizBaby calls and start handling them from your new carrier right away.
Yes. You will need to have an access to DNS settings in order to create DNS records so that all emails will be directed to our service. It's best handled by someone who made your website or your system administrator. Once that done, you can use your business email address in our call and message center. Please reach out to us to get started with that process.
Many different businesses use BizBaby Call Center. BizBaby is made specifically for service type of businesses, but our functionality goes way beyond that and can be used by any business that wants to keep in touch with customers and wants to provide a good customer service.
Here at BizBaby we want to make sure that no call or message goes unnoticed. We realized that you can read a message and get distracted by something else. So we implemented “Double Tap” system, where you can read it and mark it completed, to make sure it’s definitely completed and done.
Yes. It’s a fully smartphone compatible system. Emails, texts and calls.
No. You can use regular built in microphone and speaker, however, connecting a special noise canceling headset designed for call centers is gonna give you a much better quality of voice and sound.
Yes. Call and Message Center was designed around giving you freedom on making your call handling as professional as possible while keeping it very simple to use. You can set different voice recordings responses for different situations. For example: you can set a background music and some voice greeting for customers who are waiting in line and set different voice recording for those that are leaving voicemail after hours to instruct them and thank them.
Not yet. We are working on enabling that functionality and will soon add it to your account. Worker who picked up the customer call will not be able to forward it to another worker.
Unfortunately not. You can’t send the same email or text to more than 30 recipients, your account will hit a limit and will not allow to process anymore. Please use different type of service to do mass marketing campaigns.
Yes, it is. We can’t believe it ourselves! However, you will be required to pay for the usage, minutes on calls and messages sent. The monthly plan cost is free.
You will get a flat monthly bill for the access that is processed on your billing date and usage bill for every $50. Every time you cross the $50 usage threshold, your payment method stored on file will be charged for $50.

Every incoming and outgoing call per minute.

Every incoming voicemail recording per minute.

Every outgoing and incoming sms message, messages are split into single sms parts according to their size and charged accordingly, for example, 6 message long sms will be charged as 6 sms messages.

Outgoing emails.

All communications are charged according to your subscription level. When you accumulated over $50 of usage, your payment method is charged for the total.

Only for the incoming text messages. Unfortunately there is no way to tell where the message is coming from until it’s fully received. However it’s a different case with the calls. So blocked calls will not be charged for.
You can block specific numbers and emails from sending you calls and messages and they will automatically be marked as spam. Overtime, our spam detect system will automatically detect spam calls without you marking them.
Yes. If you start spamming people, sending them unwanted messages and making cold promotional or telemarketing calls, your phone may be also labeled as spam.
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This Section is under development
This Section is under development
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