Set a new standard for billing convenience

Customers want to have flexibility with payment options. Let them use their credit, debit cards or checking bank account.

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Smooth Payments Management

Credit or Debit Cards

Secure Payment Processing

Enable secure processing of credit and debit card transactions, safeguarding sensitive financial information and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Multiple Card Acceptance

Accept a wide range of credit and debit cards from various issuers, providing customers with flexibility and convenience in payment options.

Simplify Approvals

Link Bank Accounts

Seamless Account Integration

Enable users to effortlessly link their bank accounts to the platform, facilitating easy access to financial data and transactions.

Bank-Level Security Measures

Implement robust security measures, including encryption and multi-factor authentication, to ensure the privacy and protection of linked bank account data.

Navigate Your Growth

Refunds and Disputes

Efficient Refund Processing

Streamline the process of issuing refunds to customers, ensuring prompt resolution and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Dispute Resolution Management

Manage disputes and chargebacks efficiently, providing a centralized platform for tracking, investigating, and resolving customer disputes.

Frequently asked questions

From product inquiries to account assistance, we've curated an FAQ for you to help you along the way.