Manage customers information all in one place
Create and manage customers, their property information, orders, jobs, documents and pictures etc.
Power of Information
Powerful Search
Locate your customers by either their name, email or phone number. When you grow your business beyond 100 customers, efficiently finding a needle in the haystack is often a difference between happy and sad customer.
Purchase History
Have the complete customer history at your disposal. All of their orders, jobs, invoices, quotes, subscriptions and more.
Attachments & Customer Wiki
Files and Pictures tell the story
Upload important contracts, files, documents and pictures that tell the whole story about each customer. Make a process of working with customers a breeze for your team.
Complete customer profile card
Call it Customer Wiki. When your workers are on the job, it’s important for them to have an access to the complete customer information, their location on the map, pictures, previous orders and other comments that were previously added to their profile to more effectively service them.
Biz Baby Secret Formula
Internal Rating System
When you have hundreds of customers, it’s important to understand what customer’s to prioritize and what customers are due to be fired. Our secret formula rating system separates all star customers, from good, from average and from bad.
80 / 20 Rule
20 percent of your customers create 80 percent of value for your company. They complain the least, they love your service and refer their friends and neighbors and they order ALOT. You want to know who those customers are and you want to them to be happy. Always.