Call. Text. Email. All in one Center
Forget about gmail and landline calls. Use centralized place for all customer communications.
Never miss a call or message
Set a follow-up notification to be reminded to contact candidate or lead. Give them an update or schedule an appointment.
Call Recording and Voicemails
Every phone conversation is recorded. Every voicemail is captured and can be played back at any time.
Outbound and Inbound Sales
Email and Text Templates
Make your communications more efficient with creating custom templates, that can be sent via Text or Email.
Leads - New Candidates
HR Contact Center has a powerful leads gen and sales system. Capture leads from calls and emails. Make recruiting calls and track your progress.
Track Quality of Customer Service
Contact Center Statistics
Know how many calls or messages each of your team members completed. What was their handle rate and wait time. When they started and when they finished.
Block Unwanted Callers
Easy blocking feature allows you to reject all incoming calls from unwanted contacts. Texts and emails will be marked as spam.