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Craft Success

Professional Templates

Customize the design

Your brand has a specific feel to it. Colors, fonts, sizes. All of that is customizable to keep the original style for your job request / leads forms.

Job Details

Integrate form to collect leads for jobs, allow customers provide details about the property, select few dates and times and upload pictures.

Customer Information

Job form automatically saves leads information in your customer database, so you can keep in touch and provide a quote for approval.

Seamless Service Requests

Service Appointment Forms

Picture attachments

Allow customers to attach pictures to your job request forms. Send a instant quotes based on those and get job rolling within minutes.


Customize your offering for the commercial side vs residential one. List services you want to provide, appointments you want your customers to schedule.

No Quotes, Just Do it

When customers submit service appointment, it shows total cost on the form itself making it first and last stop. Next you assign the worker on your end and be on your way to get it done.

Next-Level Time Management

Advanced Hours & Scheduling

Appointment Booking

When it comes to letting your customers scheduling appointments, you want to give them as much flexibility as possible, while making sure you can actually service them.

Adjustable Window Length

Do you want to give your customers 30 mins appointment windows or perhaps 3 hours is more like your jam? You can customize that too.

Frequently asked questions

From product inquiries to account assistance, we've curated an FAQ for you to help you along the way.