The most customizable forms. We checked!
Your business is unique! It deserves a power to keep being such. Forms that run your business. Literally.
Job Request Forms
Adjust the design
Your brand has a specific feel to it. Colors, fonts, sizes. All of that is customizable to keep the original style for your job request / leads forms.
List of Jobs Advertised
List all of the jobs your business performs and select or deselect those that you want to focus on, those that you want to collect more leads for,
Schedule visits
Before you perform a job, sometimes you need to complete a visit to a customer location for an estimate. Schedule visits as part of the Job Estimation Process.
Service Orders Forms
Your brand has a specific feel to it. Biz Baby Advanced order forms allow you to run any kind of business with many kinds of revenue channels and service offerings. Have a residential category and the commercial one. Have one for selling items and another for providing consultations.
Fill your categories with service types. Customize your offering for the commercial side vs residential one. List items you want to sell, appointments you want your customers to schedule.
Attributes make all the difference to make each service order special. Free orders, paid orders, tips or no tips, discounts or extra’s. One time or recurring orders. Sky is your limit.
Advanced Hours & Scheduling
Appointment Booking
When it comes to letting your customers scheduling appointments, you want to give them as much flexibility as possible, while making sure you can actually service them.
Adjustable window length
Do you want to give your customers 30 mins appointment windows or perhaps 3 hours is more like your jam? You can customize that too.