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11 October 2021

Introduction Introduction

Welcome to the BizBaby a workshop and safe learning place for small businesses. I will be your guide into the business world for the next 30+ chapters, with each getting you closer to mastering the art of entrepreneurship and business.

My name is Sergey Patrikeev, software and hardware engineer by trade, a serial entrepreneur, business owner and creator of cool stuff that sometimes worked and most of the time didn’t, and for the last 15 years i have been living a life of building businesses and startups. Every single one of those 5475 days i’ve spent learning what it takes to grow a Business Baby.

Against the usual wisdom, that you should hire professionals that will do things you are not good at, I did what I knew best, be naive, dive in and do it yourself. It took me much longer to build a successful business and I have made every single possible mistake there is to make, however that allowed me to learn things I wouldn’t have, if i did everything by the book. So i created a BizBaby to share what i have learned along the way.

I was very good at building a network of professionals, mentors and other entrepreneurs. I learned as much as I could, I read books, listened to countless podcasts, and I used what I've learned to practice on my own projects. From coming up with an idea, to making it real, to then scaling it to a multi million dollar business and all the countless steps in between.

I’ve been sued, i’ve been bankrupt, i lived through near death experiences countless times. Now i'm on your side to educate, to make sure you can avoid as many of these as possible and to help you with building your strong and successful BizBaby. 

We will discuss different types of businesses, with actual examples, things to focus on and things to avoid at all costs. We will cover marketing, finance, design, technology, legal and most importantly how to get through it all mentally.

Whether you are a first time business owner, freelancer or a seasonal entrepreneur with years of experience and successful exits, I hope you will find a lot of valuable information in these handcrafted steps of mastering the art of entrepreneurship and building your successful BizBaby.

P.S. If you have corrections or value to add to these articles, please hit us up.

BizBaby also offers consultancy type of service, if you prefer to work with one of our professionals on any topic instead of reading/watching our blog, please reach out to us and we will see if we can help you with building a successful business.